Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Make the best of a Beauty Disaster- Gel Liner edition

Two posts in one day?? Whut whut?? So I haven't posted a beauty post in what seems like ages so here is a little bonus for ya!

Ok so this morning I was casually doing my make up, pottering around and picked up my phone to look at the time and I had to leave the house in 15 minutes- Argh! This happens far too often ladies- the other day it's because I was taking selfies (shameful) Anyway tangent...

So of course panic ensued! I needed to do my eye makeup, lips etc as well as call a taxi, get my bag ready blablablahh.. you get the picture.

I decided that Gel liner (or a cat eye) would be a easy solution (paaahahaha) so I grabbed my liner and my brush and went to work. Left eye turned out perfect moved onto my right eye and the brush seemed to take on a mind of it's own and to cut a long story short, I looked like I had let my nephew draw on me with a marker. Urgh- what to do?

I thought back to a recent Tanya Burr video I had watched where she said you could blend the line a bit and go for a more smudgy look- I looked at my eyes and thought- there is no way this is going to work, the line is already very thick but I grabbed a blending brush and went to work.

I blended across the line, in the outer corners (wonkyflick) and even across the crease, I added some Makeup Revolution Supreme (a shimmery off white) pigment to the middle of the eyelid and the result was quite shocking!

As you can see the result was a soft silvery-grey almost smokey eye, still with a defined lash line and because it's gel liner it actually stays put.

So the moral of the story is firstly- try to take your time with eyeliner if you are crap like me. But more than that- don't panic most things are fixable!

Thanks for reading and please let me know any of your beauty disasters and how you fixed them! 

Love Lozzy

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