Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fat Fighting Update- Oops I did it again!

So this week I was getting over a cold and as I mentioned last week I was unable to eat for a few days. Because of this I anticipated a gain.

I put on a pound!

I'm actually Quite happy with this because I was a smidgen not as disciplined as I could be.

I have no real tips this week. just an inspirational message (haha!!). It's OK not to be perfect all the time, so long as you make sure you aren't taking the piss!

NSV of the week

I fit comfortably into 2 dresses I bought in Jan for weddings next month and August. So much so that I bought a new dress in a size smaller as I thought if I lost any more they would look silly! The smaller Dress now fits too!
I also did, measure myself for the first time since October last year (bearing in mind I went off plan and was laid up for 3 months) and I've lost 11cm around my waist and about 3/4 around my upper arm but none on my thigh.. must have been those squats I used to do!

So Sorry it's not more awe inspiring or interesting this week! It is my birthday today and my friend is over for the weekend so I will most likely be naughty again!

Goals For Next week- Stay the same/No more than 1lb on

Thanks for Reading! xoxo

Obligatory crap mirror Selfie Taken this week,.

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