Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fat Fighting Update- Got my Mojo Back!

So I finally got my arse in gear this week and to cut a long story short I LOST WEIGHT!!! yayy- sorry for shouting lol

I lost 3lb this week which means I lost the 2.5lb I put on 2 weeks ago and another half pound, taking me to the lowest I've been since I started doing WW again last september.

I've got my mojo back guys and it has spurred me on. 

What I have done differently...

Well I stopped making excuses for one. The little devil on my shoulder telling me  'Oh it's a bank holiday' and 'Oooh you're working all weekend so deserve a treat' was promptly hushed!

NSV (Non Scale Victory)

So it's easy to get bogged down in numbers but forget everything else that comes with weight loss be it fitness, a problem area changing, going down a dress size etc.

I have a couple of NSVs this week.

Somone in work actually asked had I lost weight- this is always nice!

I actually think my face is getting thinner- I might have lost a chin lol hence the pic above!.

Foodie Find of the week...

It's the fish on this plate (great pic as usual mind the other half's leg) but I was too eager to eat it to get a better one lol.
 It's the Birds Eye Inspirations Fish Chargrilled with Sunblush tomato, basil and oregano.
It is beautiful! It's only 3 PPs or 120Kcal and it's on rollback at asda for £2 for 2 portions at the minute. It's so simple, I just had it with copious amounts of the Asda frozen steamed rice and wee peas as I call them or petit pois as normal people do.It's like having a ready meal but with less fat and crap in it and sooo filling.


So 6.25lb to go to the next stone bracket and I want to have it off comfortably before my birthday weekend at the end of the month. 
That gives me 3 more weigh ins, can I do it?? 

I also want to have at least a stone off by the time my friend's wedding comes around and that is the last weekend of June.

I'll keep y'all updated! 

Thanks for bearing with me and for reading!!! 
Love Lozzy xoxo

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