Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Fat Fighting Update- A Goal Met!

So I wrote this post yesterday and it wouldn't fricking post so I've finally got the energy and inclination re-write- here it is.

So I'll get straight into it this week. I lost another 1.5lb!!
Was hoping to lose a wee bit more but I can't complain really since I was a bit lax about pointing at the weekend!
This has led me to reach my 10% goal... I'm 10% less of me lol! That is weird to think isn't it!


So yet another person has started to notice my weight loss.
A guy in work asked me yesterday, in a very awkward way, if I had lost weight!
It was funny how sensitively he asked but I have no problem with anyone asking me that!
Another good but annoying NSV is how baggy my clothes are getting (see pic lol) I don't want to buy any more for now so I have to stick with Ill fitting clothes.

Foodie Find of the week...

Pic From My

This week I've been loving the Weight watchers sour cream and black pepper crisps. They are like the walkers Sunbites but they are only 2propoints or 75kcal for those not on WW and they are delish!

So there you have it.. Today's update! Soo glad to be back on course guys. It is definitely all in the head space!
Good luck with your own fat fighting if you are that way inclined and let me know your tips and tricks!

Lots of love
Lozzy xoxo


  1. I think you are doing really well :) I loosely follow weight watchers too xx

    1. Aw thank you hun! Been a bit naughty this week and I have my birthday tomorrow and a friend over this week so I'll need to rein it in next week lol. How do you find it xx