Wednesday, 28 May 2014

26 Tomorrow- Ideas Please!

So I haven't done a fatfighting update yet this week because I have changed my weigh in day to Thursday.

I just thought I'd give you a life update.
I'm turning 26 tomorrow and holy moly does that feel strange. I still think I'm about 18 but after years of getting annoyed at being asked for Id I now look my age which is depressing!!

One good thing about it being my birthday is that I have a lively weekend ahead of me. My gorgeous friend spandex (real name Andrea, no story I just thought it sounded similar) is coming over tomorrow for a weekend of wine, chocolate, makeup and Frozen.
We are also going to be filming some videos so if there is anything you want us to do can you please let me know??

I'm going to House of Fashion at Baracoa in Leeds on Friday night and I'm debating vlogging it and us getting ready etc but I am sooooooo bad at vlogging.

So that's all for now guys! Hope you enjoyed this wee update. I will have a fat fighting Update tomorrow bit be warned it has been a wobbly (pun intended lol) week.
Thanks for reading!! Xoxo
(Pic is me and Andrea a couple of years ago can't caption as I'm on mobile)

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