Sunday, 27 April 2014

Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation Review and Tips

Hi everyone,

Today's Beauty Post is about Rimmel Wake me up Foundation as you can see from the title.

I bought this after reading and watching reviews/ 'get ready with me' videos and I know that everyone in the Bloggersphere and YouTube rave about this foundation. I've only had it a month or so and I wanted to Share with you my opinions.

So Rimmel Claim this is an Anti-Fatigue foundation and I would be inclined to agree. It's not like you've just walked out into the cold weather and you are all like oooh wakey wakey but it does make me look and feel slightly less dead in the morning.

The Coverage is medium I would say, I do build it up a bit sometimes in my cheeks and where I get redness and it doesn't cake.

The finish is slightly dewy, not in your face I'm so shiney dewy, but definitely not matte, it dries well and you can matte it down with a powder which is what I tend to do on my T-zone. It also has SPF15 so it's a good summer foundation.
I have also mixed it with moisturiser to create a kind of bb cream effect and it worked really well.

The Colour Range isn't too bad. I got the shade True Ivory which is the second lightest. I believe it used to be the lightest but they came out with Ivory which is paler. The colour is a good match and helps to conceal my redness. I tend to blend it down my neck and it works really well.

Application. Like I just said, it blends nicely. I use my real techniques buffing brush. I put it on the back of my hand and then stipple it a bit and buff it (Have a look at my video here). It goes on really well with this method and creates a nice natural look. I actually got told I looked really healthy and I was like- yeah it's the makeup and the girl said she didn't think I looked like I was wearing makeup (best compliment ever).

Lasting power is really quite good. I wear it for about 11/12 hours a day and the only place it really breaks down is my oily nose. I do powder through the day. It doesn't break me out either, even though I wear it so long.

The Price is £8.99 but Rimmel usually have offers in boots and Superdrug. A tip as well is, on the ASDA grocery website it's only £5.00 so if you know your colour and you shop on Asda online then get it there.

All in all I really like this foundation. I love the coverage and finish, it's a decent price, it lasts well and I will be repurchasing when I run it. It's now my go to foundation.

Buy it here (Boots 3for2 at time of writing this)

Thanks for reading. have a look at my video review here

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