Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Make-up counter Shopping Experience and Tips

Firstly I'm going to apologise for the wordiness. I was too scared today to actually take any corresponding pics so I've had to borrow from google lol. I just wanted to share my experience with you as it was quite strange and not what I expected.

So as most of you know by now, I broke my leg is December, this has meant that my going out and shopping has been curtailed and I have been online shopping mad! I have lost confidence in walking aroundf outside, being assertive in shops etc and this was my first jaunt out since.

The last time I went to a makeup counter was probably 2 years ago. I buy most of my makeup in Superdrug and like I said, online. I haven't bought any high end makeup for myself in absolutely ages but that is about to change. My birthday is coming up next month and I want to use that as an opportunity to get myself a really good foundation and some other bits and pieces that I have been coveting. I read some blogs, watched some videos and decided that I needed some foundation samples and to maybe purchase my first (yes first!!) MAC lipstick.

The first place I went to was Debenhams. I wanted to try out a foundation from lancome, clinique, MAC and Estee Lauder. When I walked into Debenhams (in Leeds) I realised there was no MAC so after aimlessly wandering around I went to Lancome, The girl there was lovely, matched me up, offered me a sample and asked to book me in for a full makeup but because I wasn't sure of my work schedule, she gave me the number to call and book. The up side was that it made me want to buy the foundation but I knew I wanted to test it and others. The down side was that because all the other counters are in such close proximity I felt I couldn't do the same there out of politeness. Is this just me? Am I weird or has anyone else felt the same?

I finally figured out that MAC was in Harvey Nichols, almost next door, so I went in there. I got all excited because I was actually going to spend money and get my first MAC product. I had just had my experience with Lancome lady and expected the same. Well to say I was disappointed is an understatement. There were hoards of people hovering (OK maybe not hoards but a fair few), I'm not good with people at the best of times so this displeased me. They were all very rude too, clambering over me etc and I had a crutch so you'd think they would be nicer.
 I thought I knew quite a bit about MAC but when faced with everything at once I was slightly overwhelmed.  The lipsticks were in the wrong sections, everything seemed just messy and the lippy I wanted wasn't out as a tester. I was standing looking for about 10 minutes before someone passed by me and finally asked if I was OK, on her way to someone else. I said I needed help and she pointed me in the direction of the queue at the checkout. At this point I had enough and left. Now this was my first experience with MAC and it's really put me off.

Next Stop was boots. I went to the Elizabeth Arden counter and the lady, who was soooo over the top and false, matched me up a bit, told me I needed to exfoliate more (and not in a nice way) then told me she had no samples to give me. Because of this I didn't feel as bad heading over to the Clinique counter. The lady there was lovely, asked me questions, tested some foundation on me and gave me a lovely sample. I then went to Estee Lauder (out of Clinique lady's line of vision) and looked for a couple of minutes. There was only me there and the lady at the counter didn't even notice I was there let alone come over to me so again I walked away.

So that was my makeup counter shopping experience. To sum up, I think you need to be confident in what you want and not be a cripple who is still trying to get her confidence back being outside lol. MAC has disappointed me and I was well impressed with Clinique and Lancome so i will definitely be going back for one of those foundations. Make sure you don't go at lunchtime if you are a novice so it isn't as busy and people have more time to help, be assertive and ask for help. Don't be a wimp like me!

Please Let me know your experiences and any hints or tips you have for me!

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