Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lazy Sunday Pampering.WARNING- Contains indecent images (lol)

In my house Sundays are Makeup free! I like to give my face a break from slathering it in crap like I do every other day. (unless I'm filming or working)
Yup- It's Makeup Free Sundays lol

My Morning Routine:

I love a wee lay in. I get up around 11:30 and make some brekkie.
I scrape my hair back, brush my teeth, wash my face with water and throw on whatever is handy and comfy.
I don't bother on a Sunday with my cleanse, tone, moisturise routine because I like to take a wee break from it for a morning as well since I am going to be doing a deep cleanse later.

Evening Routine.

(I am wearing a towel here don't worry)

This is where the pampering begins:

I've usually been editing and trying tirelessly to save and upload my Sunday YouTube video whilst munching a lovely sunday dinner made by my other half
When It's finally done at around 7pm It's time to jump in the Shower.

In the shower I use my Simple exfoliating face scrub for a decent deep cleanse and exfoliation, I wash and condition my hair and then I hop out and it's time for a face mask

I have yet to find a perfect budget face mask that doesn't give me a bad reaction (damn you sensitive skin) but today I'm trying out the Montagne Peel off one. (I might update with how it goes)
After that it's time for my night serum (B. Skincare) and my Eye Cream (Superdrug own at the min)

Once I've finished with my mush its time for my hands to get some TLC.
I start with My handcream (sainsbury's own) and follow on with Cuticle Butter (Burt's bees) and once it has all sunk in I paint my nails in whatever colour I fancy at the time (currently loving OPI Don't Bossa Nova me Around)

And that concludes My pamper sesh. How do you do yours??

Thanks for reading Guys! Love Lozzy xoxo