Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fat Fighting Update

So it's tuesday... and you know what that means?
It's my fat fighting (weigh in) update.

Weigh in result:

Woop woop 2.25lb lost. Yayyy and the crowd goes wild.... um...

What I've been doing differently:

I've upped my water intake to at least 1.5l a day, now I know it's supposed to be 2l but shush. Softly softly catchy monkey!

I've also upped my veg intake.

How I've done it:

I take a 750ml sports cap bottle to work with me everyday and fill it up so i know exactly what i'm drinking. I drink 2 of these but the aim is to start drinking 3.

With the veg I've swapped things out and replaced them for veg. E.g Chicken Fajitas. Instead of the usual 2 wraps I had one wrap and a portion of veg. I haven't missed out at all.

Foodie Find of the week:

Asda freshly steamed vegetables £1.50 
You get 4 portions of carrot, broccoli and cauliflower and they take a couple of mins in their bag in the microwave. So handy for when you are working or cba prepping and cooking veg.

Next Mini Goals

Only 2lb to get to the next half stone so aiming for that next week
Only 9lb to get to the next stone bracket so aiming for that by this time next month

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