Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Fat Fighting Update - oops!

Ok I said I was hoping to stay the same this week as I had a wee off and all sorts planned that involved eating and drinking... well... I kind of went to town with it! Oops!

I didn't track once since wednesday. I ate all sorts of crap and had a fair few drinks and Reeeally enjoyed myself.

Result? A 2.5lb gain.

Feelings? Well I was expecting it, i've drawn a line under it and I'm looking forward to today as it's my forst day back on track!

Hints and tips

Track EVERYTHING even if you go over. Looking at it on paper (or screen) will give you a kick up the backside.
Don't go mental. I had lucozade, buns etc stuff I don't even crave normally- just because I could.
A couple of days off doesn't have to turn into a week- If you have an event take the day and relax your tracking but don't turn it into a week because it's harder to get back on track.
So there you have it. I promised i'd update weekly and I will share it all. Not just the losses.
Thanks for Reading.
One of said naughty things lol..

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