Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fat Fighting Update- Big Surprise

So this week has been kind of mental. I've been craving crap all over the show (it's that week ladies) and I've found it really hard to say no. I have given in on a few occassions to a doughnut or chocolate but I have made sure it's within my points allowance! So lets get down to what happened

The result:

To my biggest surprise I have actually lost 1.75lb. After miscalculating last week, I have now realised that this was what was needed to take me down to 2.5 stone off altogether so I am absolutely delighted especially as I was anticipating a STS (Stay the same) At best!

This is the only full length mirror I have lol. Me today (15/04/2014)

What I have done

If I have a craving, I don't give in straight away. I leave it half an hour and see if I'm still craving then I try to leave it another half hour and if my then I am still craving then I have to have it. After the first half hour I do sometimes have to give in but hey ho- I'm human! 

Plan and track. If I know I'm craving chocolate or crisps or whatever, I always make sure I plan something in the day before, track it on my Weight Watchers app and stick to it. I tend to plan my weekends on a thursday as I know I'll be having some prosecco ususally. And I try to plan in my day the night before.

Take my lunch to work. Now I know most people already do this, but I have a decent enough canteen at work so out of laziness I used to use it every day. The benefit of taking your lunch with you is simply the control you have over what goes in it. It helps you plan better and it's cheaper (usually)

Foodie Find of the week

This one I was aware of before but it was on offer so I tried it. It's the laughing cow dip and crunch lighter. Its just a wee pot of laughing cow cheese dip and some breadsticks (like dairylea dunkers) they are only 2PP which equates to 78 calories. They are more filling than crisps, you actually feel like you are having something and I've had a couple for breakfast on days where I'm running late.

Challenges ahead

This week I'm off work all week and it's my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow and our 5 year Anniversary on thursday. We are planning a date day on thurs. Cinema, dinner out, few drinks etc. It's going to be a challenge to control especially when I'm off work all the other days. AArgh temptation. I'll let you know how I get on!

Mini Goals

With the above happening, next week I'm aiming for a STS. We shall see.
Next proper goal is 6.75lb off by 6th May. This one is ambitious given I'm anticipating a STS next week but we shall see.

Are any of you dieting? What are you doing? Have you got any tips for me? Leave me a comment or facebook, tweet or tumblr me (all lozzyloveslippy)

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