Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A little life update: Silver Linings and Fight Fighting

Hi everyone,

My posts recently have been very beauty heavy- reviews mainly so I just wanted to pause for a min and talk about what's going on with me (if you're interested)

Some of you (if you have read before) may know I broke my leg on 12th December, this resulted in me being housebound and off work for 3 months- now this was awful, really bloody crap, but it did lead me to create my blog and subsequently my YouTube channel (if you want a look click here) so every cloud!
Thankfully, after what has felt like an eternity, I am back at work, able to walk a wee bit and am interacting with people again which has been strange but amazing and all just in time for spring.
The weather is gradually getting nicer, I am getting stronger on my leg and I am feeling a lot more positive

This leads me on to my second update and it is with hesitation I mention this but here goes:
I have been a Chubster all my life and have faced quite a few struggles as a result but one trip out with work last summer was the wake up call I needed to do something about it. Now don't get me wrong I had lost weight and gained weight several times in the past 5/6 years but I had got to the biggest I had been and was very very unfit. I won't talk numbers but you get the jist.
I started back to weight watchers online in September and by the week I broke my leg (10 weeks) I had lost over 2 stone, was starting to get a lot fitter, get my life back really,and then I broke my leg... Fan bloody tastic.

I was in hospital for a week (The NHS experience as a bigger person was absolutely awful by the way just as an aside) and off my feet for 3 months, couldn't stand on the scales at all so I couldn't track my weight, focus dropped, I slipped back into old habits of eating crap and I was dreading the time when I could finally step on the scales and what they would say.
The time for the scales came two weeks ago and to my absolute astonishment I had only put on 5lb woopwoop!!

The reason I am telling you all this is because I have got my arse in gear and started back to doing weightwatchers online this past week and had my first at home weigh in today. I am absolutely delighted to say I lost that 5lb and am back to the weight I was before I broke my leg. I have decided that I might do a little update on here on my weigh in days- maybe share any tips I have used during the week or even if I gain I can say what didn't work. It gives me a kick up the butt sharing it and if it helps anyone else then I'll be very very happy.

Full length Me last week.

It's going to be a loooong road to even get to semi fit but I know I can do it and I know it will help me with my leg rehabilitation.

I appreciate all your support, any pearls of wisdom in the comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and don't worry, the makeup addiction will continue! 

Love Lozzy xoxoxo


  1. <3 everything happens for a reason, even the shitty things may take you on a journey with wonderful results. Well done so far! Andrea xoxo

    1. Yup totally! Thanks huni, Got nowhere to hide now I've committed to blogging about it lol! xoxo