Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review- Rita Ora For Rimmel Colour Rush Balms

Well hello again, it's been a while guys. I've gone back to work so I haven't had as much time to pour my thoughts out onto paper (well..a laptop) but it does mean that I have several new things I want to show you and review.

I had been wanting to try these little beautys since they came out and I finally got round to getting my mitts on them.

The colours I chose are Boom Chic a Boom  (Left), Try saying that in a Northern Irish accent and Viva Violet (right). I picked these colours because they are more my style and didn't get more because I'm on a limited budget i.e. I shouldn't really be spending at all (oops!)

Left-Viva Violet
Right- Boom Chic a Boom

My Thoughts..

Firstly let me just tell you the bit that I was most impressed with (and forgot to mention on my youtube video duhh!) and that was the smell. They smell of tic tacs, Now Am I the only one who used the keep tic tac boxes just to sniff them... does that make me weird?? (let me know in the comments)


Boom Chic a Boom (210)

This is a gorgeous Vibrant hot pink colour, it has cool undertones and it really brightens up your makeup. It's not so bright that it's hard to wear. It's very pigmented and nice and glossy on the lips. I've worn it a few times and had compliments.

Viva Violet (can't get the number as it's rubbed off- bad beauty blogger alert!!)

This is a more muted colour than the former. It has a more purpley-berry tone. It's not quite as glossy as Boom Chic a Boom and these things combined make it a bit more wearable during the day. I've had it in my makeup bag all week, it's just an easy wearable colour but still vibrant and interesting.

Formulation/Packaging/Lasting power


The packaging is a simple crayon for easy application. The colour is the same as the colour of the the product itself which makes it easy to chose and easy when storing so you know what colour you are picking up. It's printed with silver lettering which, as you can see from my first pic (above), rubs off quite easily which is slightly annoying (to a less than organised blogger) but very minor.


The formulation is a balm like texture, there is a slight variation between the two colours. Boom Chic a Boom is a lot more smooth and glossy with slightly more pigmentation and very comfortable on the lips. Viva Violet is a tiny wee bit less pigmented and less glossy/balmy but still not sticky and nice and smooth and comfortable on the lips.

Lasting Power

I have worn both colours for a whole day and was impressed with how well they lasted. I applied Boom chic a Boom at around 8am, had breakfast at 9am, had lunch at around 1pm (had been drinking water in between) at this point there was still a colour left on my lips, the glossiness had gone but the colour stuck around so I then topped it up and didn't touch it for the rest of the day, I arrived home at around 4:30pm and there was still colour on my lips and even at 8pm when I was taking my makeup iff there was still a trace of it. For a glossy/balmy formula I was definately very impressed with the staying power, I have a clinique chubby stick and it definitely rivalled that.

Overall Thoughts

I didn't have much of an expectation for these, the name balm doesn't scream interesting to me but these were definitely far from a lip balm in colour and pizzazz (ooh that's a good word). They are very reasonably priced at 5.99 from Superdrug (I got them buy 1 get another half price and that offer is still on) , they are nicely pigmented, hydrating, comfortable and smell amazing so I would definitely recommend them and I'm considering having a look at the other colours (don't tell my boyfriend lol)

If you want to see the corresponding video (and also the nailpolish I picked up from the collection click here!!!)