Wednesday, 12 March 2014

MUA Matte Lipstick Review

These little babies have been out a wee while now and I decided to pick up 3/5 of the shades to show you guys. I picked the colours I felt I'd wear the most.

They are all £1 from Superdrug and the MUA Website.

I picked up Scarlet Siren, Wild Berry and Pouty Pink.


Well aside from me looking mental in the above pic. You can see that the packaging differs from the normal MUA lipstick in that it's white. It makes it harder to find if you drop it and it rolls somewhere...or so I've found. But overall it does the trick, they are a good size not too bulky but with a good amount of product.

Formulation/ longevity

As the name suggests, these are all matte lipsticks, they do have a very matte finish but they aren't drying and don't drag the lips too much. For the most part they don't highlight dry or cracked lips and they last for a good couple of hours.

Scarlet Siren

This is actually the colour I am wearing in the main picture. As you can see it is a bright with nods towards cherry and cool toned. It has become one of my favourite lipsticks. It is flattering and because it's matte it's more wearable during the day.

Wild Berry

This is a lovely purply berry tone. Looks quite scary in the bullet but when swatched you can see it is quite sheer. It does take a few swipes to get to the opacity that I prefer but it is a lovely colour.

Pouty Pink

This is my least favourite of the three. It is a very pale pink and I think the matte-ness of it makes me look slightly dead. This one does, to me highlight dry lips. It is a very patchy colour and It;s not something I would reach for. I have got it today (below) on under some pale pink lipgloss and over a nude lip pencil and it looks nice but that, to me is too much effort.

Overall Thoughts:

I love scarlet Siren and Really like Wild Berry but Pouty Pink leaves a lot to be desired for me. I think the rage is missing a few colours like a nice medium-dark toned pink (there is a peach and nude I haven't shown you) and maybe a coral but it is a good start for the £1 lipstick range.

Thank you so much for reading. If you'd like to see the video review the please CLICK HERE 

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