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Look at that Booty- My first experience...... with

If you are like me and are constantly glued to blogs and YouTube, you will be curious of the brand Wet 'n' Wild and if you are like me again, a shopaholic, you will have had a sneaky search to see where we can get it in the UK and realised that it is rather elusive.

On my first search, I stumbled upon and had a wee look, I was intrigued but I didn't want to place an order without more info and kind of forgot about it. last weekend I was doing my usual Googling and YouTubing again and stumbled upon cosmetics fairy once more and decided to give it a try and after hours (slight exaggeration) of browsing here is what I got.

As you can see I got tonnes of stuff and best of all I spent £16.50 including first class delivery.

Product Range

They have lots of different brands and a good number of products from each brand. It ranges from Urban decay to Wet 'n' wild. The colour choices in some of the ranges are definitely the ones that have been left over from the retailer or wherever it came from, but as I am quite adventurous with what I slap on my mush that doesn't bother me.

A lot of the items that I bought seem to be now discontinued.

Product Quality

On the site it states that some of the items are not in original packaging or they are ex-samples but it says they clearly state that in the product description.

All bar one of my items were in top condition. The only one that wasn't was the L'Oreal Glamshine Fresh gloss in fresh cassis. It seems quite scuffed and a bit grubby, like it's been pawed and opened. Now I have to admit this freaks me out a bit, I didn't notice in the description about this one being ex display or anything but I think this one will be chucked if I'm honest, which is a shame because the colour and product are gorgeous.

Postage and Packaging

They offer a few different options for UK delivery:
Under £10 2nd class standard delivery costs £1.75 or tracked costs £2.75
Over £10 2nd Class standard is free and you can have first class standard for 75p which is what I chose. Full details here

International delivery depends on weight of the parcel and they have some restrictions on which countries they ship to, you can see it all here

They say that they dispatch within 48 working hours of purchase and I did find that to be the case, I placed the order on Sunday, was dispatched first class on Tuesday and I got it today (Wednesday).

Star Pieces

From what I purchased I would have to say the best bits were:
 The fact that I could get some wet and wild stuff.
 Essie mini nail polished for 99p and
Best of all was the L'Oreal colour Riche in Intense fuschia which was a steal at £3.25

Interesting bits and pieces.

They have a loyalty scheme where you can earn points and spend points.
Within the UK due to postal restrictions, you are limited to 4 bottle of nail polishs,
I got a free Baci 4 pack of chocolates in my package which was a nice wee surprise,
There is a 99p or less section with mono eyeshadows for 20p+

Overall Thoughts

It really was an inexpensive way of bulking up and diversifying my ever expanding makeup collection. It was quick and easy from start to finish. I am slightly weirded out by previously opened lipgloss but I probably will shop here again if I need a few random items ( I will read descriptions more carefully)

I recommend this if you aren't fussed about staying on top of the beauty flavour of the month and you like random bits and pieces. I'd also recommend it if you want to bulk out your collection on a shoestring.

I hope you have found this useful, let me know if you have shopped there and what you think, also let me know if there are any other discount stores I should try.

Thanks for reading :)) xoxo

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