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March Birchbox Review Lulu Guinness Colab (UK)

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

I just had to get that in first!!

So Today's Bloggy is a review of the March Birchbox (uk)

So This Month's Box was a Lulu Guinness Colab and the packaging was covered in a wee Lulu Guinness sleeve which was really cute. I have, like last month, already used the sturdy box it comes in for storage and will be putting the little drawstring bag to good use too, what should I do with it???

I googled to find actual prices for full sized items as opposed to just going by the card.

Onto what magic lay inside....

Celu-cup £16

This thing scared the bejeezus out of me when I first looked at it.. I was thinking what even is this. It looked like something you'd use to sterilise a baby's dummy. But it is actually a massage cup to help fight cellulite. You use it with wet soapy skin or body oil and 'pinch and roll' 
I haven't used it yet but it seems cool.

Christopher Wickes English Laundry Number 7 Perfume £47

This was a little sample. This stuff smells blooming gorgeous, it has such a calming effect on me. It is a sweet, subtle scent with a tiny bit of a floral undertone. I really want the full size but I'm finding it hard to locate.

Benefit Stay don't stray- £20.50

I was so excited about this. It's an eyeshadow and concealer primer. It went on quite matte and had a little coverage. It definitely helped to keep my eyeshadow on, I need to use it a wee bit more to see if it would be worth the £20.50. It was a decent sized sampple and will be good for a few tries. 

Dr Brandt Pore no more pore Refiner- £35

This is a pore refiner which is used either under or on top of foundation to help minimise pores. I haven't tried it out yet but I do have some enlarged pores so I'm hoping that it might be my new fave and have to be added to my ever growing birthday wish list. It was a pretty decent sized sample too.

Aroma Works Body Oil- £32.50

This is similar to the body oil I got in last month's box. I don;t tend to use body oils much but I did use this after a shower last night and it seems to have made a difference and softened my skin. The scent is a citrus-woody scent which isn't my favourite but it is quite calming and nice for night time.

And last but not least my lifestyle extra.

It was a really cute Lulu Guinness Black and white striped Rock. I'm not the greatest rock lover but it is cute and has Birchbox and a heart down the middle.

If you want to see the Rock and the rest of the products in better detail head on over to my youtube- CLICK HERE and it will take you there.

Overall Thoughts

I thought there were a good selection of products in this box. Brands I hadn't heard of and brands I had. The sample sizes were fairly good and it was decent value for money.

Thank you so much for reading guys- If you want to Sign up for Birchbox click this link

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