Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February Favourites and Scary Announcement

Hi All!

I thought I would do a really quick feb faves post and share some news (if you could call it that I suppose)

Feb Faves:

B Skincare Micellar Water- Currently half price £2.47 in Superdrug

Image borrowed from Superdrug Website (link above)

This stuff has really surprised me. To use it i've shook a bit onto a cotton pad (a bit like vinegar) and swiped it all over my face. I've used it alone in the morning before moisturiser and in the evening after my cream cleanser (if I'm wearing makeup) for a deep cleanse- in place of a toner really. It does say it is 3 in 1 and toners tend to be a bit harsh on my temperamental skin. It has cleared up some breakouts for me and doesn't dry me out. However, be careful using on your lips as it really doesn't taste very nice. 

B Ready Day Cream- Currently £4.97 half price in Superdrug

Picture Borrowed from Superdrug Site (link above)

This has been my night cream for the past couple weeks- yes I know it is a day cream but I like to mix things up. The reason I've used it as a night cream is that it is quite thick and doesn't dry in quite as well as my simple one does so I have to wait before I get on with my makeup etc. It is really hydrating, has cleared up most on my dry patches so it's definitely a fave.

MUA Pro base Prime and Conceal £1.50 Mua Shop Online

Image borred from MUA Store online (link above)

This stuff has been amazing. I get quite bad redness in my cheeks and along my jaw line so I've been using this quite a lot. It has been great for neutralising that discolouration, I use it over my primer and under my foundation.  It is a cream but it has a powder finish and isn't greasy.  I really love this stuff and it's an absolute bargain at the price and I'm already starting to hit pan oops!

Elf Baked Blushin  Peachy Cheeky- £3.95 Elf store online

Image borrowed from Elf UK Website (link above)

As I mentioned before I get really rosy cheeks so I'm not a massive blush fan. What I do like is a nice sheen/highlight and this really does the trick. I heard that the pinktastic colour in this range was a great dupe for Mac Mineralize Skin finish in Soft and Gentle (my lust product) but the website is sold out of it so I picked this one up instead. I really like it, it helps put that dewy glow back into my face after using a mattifying foundation and is a good price. Keep a look out for when elf do their 50% sales, they are really good.

The Scary Announcement

No! I'm not pregnant (everyone seems to think that when people say they have news at my age) I have actually started a YouTube channel and uploaded my very first video- the corresponding one to this- February Favourites. I'm going to try to upload corresponding vids to my blog posts once a week (maybe Sunday) and see how it goes. 
My first video has been an experience and has taught me a few things e.g I roll my eyes too damn much so I need to stop it. 
I'm filming on my webcam so lighting/quality mightn't be the best but If I get more into it I might upgrade. We'll see. 

Anyway here is the link for the video- Have a watch if you like. Thumbs up and subscribe as it would mean the world to me! 

Thanks as always for reading
Lots of Love Lozzy xoxo


  1. I'm thinking I must get me some if the mua as ive the same problem with rosie cheeks x

    1. Yeah you should. I think it's only available online at the min but its an excuse to order another couple of things lol. I like the lip laquers and the matte lipstick in scarlet siren. Apparently the undressed too palette is a good dupe for urban decay as well xx

  2. I'm in need of a new micellar water, the loreal one isn't doing good for me at the moment, so I will have to look into the B. on - I often see this brand and overlook it! And the MUA corrector sounds so good! I bet it's great for correcting spot redness too!x

    Kathryn | effievanity

    1. I just got it on offer, its about £2.50 at the min so worth a try. And yea the MUA stuff is good on spots i just dab it on with a brush and blend it in, its a good all rounder really! x