Monday, 24 February 2014

OPI Brazil & China Glaze Swatches & Review Spring/Summer

Today is a quickie (oh er). I just wanted to share a bit more of the polishes you seen in last week's secret savings blog post. I picked 2 from the New for spring/summer OPI Brazil Collection (I wanted them all but they are pricey) and two colours I picked up from China Glaze.

OPI Brazil

L-R Red Hot Rio, I just can't cope-acabana

Red Hot Rio- This is a deep red colour which I found quite strange for a spring/summer collection but I was looking for a deep red to add to my collection and I thought this one looked good. When I got the polish i looked at the bottle and it looked almost pinky and reminded me of Guy Meets Gal-Veston by OPI which disappointed me but after I rolled the bottle (no shaking) and swatched it, I was far from disappointed, It is a true ruby-red on the nails and I really really like it. The formula is lovely, the perfect consistancy, not too thin or thick and with two coats is perfectly opaque. It is a warm-toned red (hence the pinkness in the bottle) which makes it more fitting for spring/summer.
Pictured:Red Hot Rio swatched on my nails

I just Cant Cope-acabana- This is a bright, creamy almost banana-like colour. It is the perfect yellow for spring/summer as it isn't too bright for spring but it is bright enough to sport on the beach in summer. It would be a lovely colour for a pedicure in flip flops. The formula, like with red hot rio is great and it is almost fully opaque after one coat but completely opaque after two. It is worth noting that both polishes have the large flat brush that is typical to OPI and this adds to ease of application.

China Glaze

This was my first time trying China Glaze but I had heard a lot about it (YouTube videos again), I had been lusting after one of the polishes for a while so decided to try it out but of course I couldn't just get one;

For Audrey- Now this has been the object of my desires for a while. It has been described as the tiffany box colour and it really is. It is that lovely greenish-blue colour that makes many girls' hearts beat a little bit faster so I just had to have it. The brush differs from a lot of other polishes, in that it is quite a bit thinner. This puzzles me at first but when I got used to it I quite liked it, it works best when you do small strokes of the polish. The formula is a nice consistency and coats the nail well, it is self-levellng and you could get away with one thickish coat but I like to do two to ensure full opacity and even-ness.

Sun of a Peach- I had been looking for a peachy-orange colour for a while and this one caught my eye. it is from China Glaze's Neon collection and I didn't actually know that neon nail polish had a different formula to creme polishes-weird. It took a good couple of coats 2-3 for it to be even. It is one of those polishes where you just can't stop looking at your hands when wearing (just me?) I think this colour would be perfect with a Tan in the summer.

Hope you enjoyed my swatches and that you got some inspiration for spring/summer. Thank you very much for reading.

Lots of Love,
Lozzy xoxo