Tuesday, 18 February 2014

NOTD (Nail of the Day)

Hi All!

Just a wee Nail of the day and what I think about the polish I'm using*

I've Gone really simple today, just one colour:

So it's the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish in Pomegranate all over my Naily-bobs (2 coats) £3.99 at Superdrug- Get it here.

I think this is a really good quality budget (drugstore) polish. The colour I have is a rich reddish raspberry colour called pomegranite (I suppose it is a pomegranite seed colout actually duh Lozzy!)

 I previously dismissed Barry M nail polishes as I found they flaked and chipped really easily but this one is actually quite good. I wear it with a base coat to try and minimise staining (also it says apply basecoat on the bottle) but I skipped the topcoat because it's supposed to be shiny enough without and I think it is. 

I have tried it out before, I wore it for about 2 days under glitter polish and a topcoat and there was no sign of it budging but I got bored before testing it for any longer (as usual) 

So In short I really like this polish, it wears well, it's nice and shiney, the colour is vibrant and girly but also slightly more grown up and sophisticated.

*Please forgive my polish job, I do not and never have claimed to be a pro at nails, I just enjoy doing my own nails and trying out new polishes. 

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