Monday, 17 February 2014

Nail of the Day- Simple, Pretty NailArt

Hi All!!

Since I posted my first ever blog today and it was a Nailpolish review, I thought I'd so a double whammy add a little Nailart that I created using one of the polishes I reviewed;

Base is MUA Pistachio Ice Cream and there are little hearts on the ring finger accent nail in Strawberry Tart By Model's Own (got in their 50% off sale so only cost £2,50 woop woop) just drawn with a little dotting tool. 

I know I'm a wee bit late for valentines, with the hearts, but I think it's really cute, girly and springy (as in the season not bouncy). 

The Model's own polish is a lovely shade, it is really quite thick which can make it hard to work with as a base colour but it's good for nail art as you only need one coat and it sticks well. 

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