Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nail care Loves

Hi All! 

Since Breaking my Leg, I've been filling my boredom and abusing my nails of late with painting (and removing nail polish from) my nails on an almost daily basis. I love my dark polishes, my reds and my glitter and even some rhinestones from time to time so when I do my nails they really do take a battering and can often be left slightly stained and weak with attached and dry cuticles.

I have 3 what I would call my divine trinity of nail care on a budget.

Firstly Hand Cream.

I use this Sainsbury's hand and Nail cream with Vitamin E- Around £2.50 can't find exact price online.

As I've been housebound for the past 8/9 weeks resting my little Fibia, my fella has been getting stuff for me when I've needed it quickly and couldn't order online. I asked him to pick me up some hand cream because i was getting flaky and dry hands and the only option available to him at the time was a Sainsbury's local shop and he came back with this.
I have actually grown to really like it, it has a nice Shea butter-like smell, it's a nice thick, non-greasy cream and it dries in quite quickly.
 It keeps my hands soft and it really does help strengthen my nails, I use it about twice a day and already nearly finished one tube so I have bought another already.

Cuticle Care

I use this Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - £5.50 from and other places.

This has been raved about by all sorts of bloggers and youtubers.
It is a solid-ish butter in the tin. You use it like a lip-balm (swirl your finger-tip in it) but rub it on your cuticles not your mouth obviously (well I have actually put it on my lips but that's another story. Moral- Don't pick up a random tin half asleep and stick it on your gob). 
It has an oily texture on the nails but i massage it in all round my cuticles and over my nail and it soon sinks in.
I use this product every time I take nail polish off just to replenish my nails and cuticles from the acetone in the remover. If I'm wearing polish for a few days (rarely happens) I will still use it every other day.
The scent is quite a strong lemony scent but this is quite nice, and welcome against the smell of nail polish and remover. And it doesn't taste too bad either (haha!)

Weekly Treatment

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Cuticle and Nail Refiner-£2 Fragrance Direct

Well This is my absolute fave, and a complete surprise. This was actually bought for me by my lovely boyfriend on one of his little trips to B&M Bargains (I was surprised too). He knows I love nail stuff so saw this and picked it up for about £2 the wee Gem.
This is a cream with little 'micro-diamond' particles which claims to give you "Visibly smoother, brighter, healthy-looking cuticles and nails from the first application". And by Jove, it's not often I agree with packaging but it really does! (yes, I exclaimed).
My nails, as previously mentioned, get quite stained from nail polish, I used this once and the stains definitely reduced a lot, my cuticles had become attached and this pushed them back. My nails were rough and this left them smoother than the proverbial baby's bottom. 
I use this once a week, I massage it in to each nail for one minute and then rinse it off (as per instructions). I really do rate this stuff.

So that's how I show my nails some love. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please follow me on Blog Lovin', Twitter or Instragram (Links at the side) and comment if you liked this, have any questions or would like any more reviews,

Lots of Love,
Lozzy xoxo

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