Friday, 28 February 2014

My First Ever Birchbox- February. Initial Thoughts/Review and Voucher Code

For some time now I've been thinking about getting a glossy boy/birch box/whatever box subscription. It appeals to me, like a wee surprise present in the post every month (that I've paid for but shush!). So I had a look around, un-boxing videos online, reviews etc to see which one i liked the best. The most consistent one seemed to be Birchbox, and I found a free delivery code which swayed me even more, so I went with that.

Birchbox usually contains 4/5/6 'deluxe', or decent size to you and me, samples of either well known products or newer ones for you to try. There is a quiz you take so that they can customise some of the things in your box to suit you. I didn't really see much evidence of this in this month's box but it is the first month so we'll see.

So Yesterday I received my box and I was so excited! What magical treasures lay inside? I haven't tried any of the products yet (apart from the chocolate) but here are my initial thoughts.


The postage box itself was a lovely little blue box with the logo on. I'd probably prefer it didn't have the logo on in case it fell into the wrong hands, but it gets delivered to my fella's work so it's not an issue for me. 
The box itself is a sturdy box with a brown lid and white bottom and it comes with a little canvas drawstring bag inside containing all the goodies. I am going to reuse both the box and the bad for my ever growing makeup/nail polish collection so this is an added bonus. 
It comes with some little cards explaining more about the products and how to use them. There is a card about the theme as there seems to be a different theme every month one with a clue about next months box and some with some style tips and things that are coming up.The cards are really cute and adds to the quality of the box.

So all in all I really like the packaging, it's not as cutesy and girly as some of the others but it is practical, reusable, simple and sleek.

The contents

Eyeko Skinny Mini Eyeliner 
Nail Rock Glitter- Full Size
Urban Veda Daily Radience Facial Wash-20ml sample
Beauty Protection Hair Oil-Sample (no ml on it)
Beatitude Peace Body Oil- Decent Sample (no ml on it)
Green and Blacks Mini Dark Chocolate (had disappeared by this point)

On first look at the box, I was impressed, not wowed but still impressed. Like I said I haven't tried any of the things out yet but I will use them all. 
The Eyeko eyeliner I have had before so I know it's good. Full sized red nail polish with glitter, can't go wrong. Some decent sized samples of face, body and hair products for me to try and see if i like- great. Some chocolate to sweeten the deal- fantabbydosy for the chocaholic in me. 

Value for Money

The Box is £10 per month with £2.95 delivery although as I mentioned I used the code New14 and got free delivery which was good. The retail value of the full sized products are listed on one of the little cards but it is hard to work out what your samples are worth when some of them don't have their volume on the bottle. That said, I do think it is good value for money. If, like me, you are someone who is always chasing their perfect product and the latest and greatest things but can't afford to buy lots of products, this is the the thing for you. 

Am I going to keep the subscription?

I am definitely keeping up my subscription for now. It's an easy way to see what's out there and it is a lovely buzz and surprise when it gets here, it's like having a birthday every month! 

I might do a review on the hair and body oils when I use them. If you'd like to see that let me know. Do you have any subscriptions? Is there one I should try? Leave a comment below or get me on twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for reading!
Love Lozzy xoxox

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