Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I want that one! Top 3 Beauty Crushes

Hi All!

My name is Lozzy and I have a problem...I am in a perpetual state of consumer lust! I am constantly watching YouTube beauty gurus and Make-up Artists rave about 'amazing products' which come with a pretty hefty Price-tag. Since I'm all about the budget (drugstore) beauty, I kind of begrudge spending £15 of my own, hard earned money on a lipstick. There are, however, a few items at the moment that are causing butterflies in my belly... Yes I am that weird. So I thought I'd share with you and please comment below if you have the same feelings and have also linked some sites if you want to buy*.

Mac Amplified Creme Lipstick- Girl About Town £15 (Mac Online, Debenhams)

Pictured- Theresa Bateson. Find her on Twitter HereClick Me!

I first noticed this when My friend Theresa (featured) Sent me a Snapchat selfie (got to love a wee snapchat selfie) and her lips were brighter than the sun. I love a statement pink lipstick and am growing a bit of a collection (mostly MUA). This one seems like a perfect colour, it has real blue undertones which everyone who knows anything about lippy know's that it makes your teeth look whiter, which can only be a good thing. Well, unless you have luminous over-bleached mental teeth like those seen in many reality TV shows, anyway i'm off on one, rein it back Lozzy! The Lipstick itself is creamy, not drying on the lips (quite hydrating by all accounts) and it really lights up the face. I want! 

Lime Crime Velvetine- Red Velvet £13.50 plus delivery (Cocktail Cosmetics)

Pictured- Lucy Hamill. Find her on InstagramClick Me!

Now My friend Lucy (featured) Swears by this stuff and each and every YouTube review I have seen raves about it. I am not normally a red lippy kind of gal but this looks, again to have a real cool undertone which would make it a bit more wearable to me. It is a true matte lip colour which goes on like a lipgloss and dries to a perfect matte finish but isn't drying on the lips and apparently doesn't transfer or rub off. There are a couple of dupes for this out there, one being the MUA luxe lip laquer. I have purchased some of these (MUA not Lime Crime) and will be doing a review soon. The product is quite hard to find in the UK but you can get it online aT some lesser known (well to me anyway) websites. I also really want the Pink Velvet one because, like I may have mentioned, I love pink lips.

Mac Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft and Gentle £22 (Mac Online, Debenhams etc)

Picture Borrowed from the Debenhams Website. Not my own Image. 

Another Mac product that I see in lots and lots of videos and Instagram pics etc. I have seen Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (blog and YouTube give em a click and her up she is really nice!) and other people rave about this stuff. It's like a baked soft shimmer finishing powder and seems great for highlighting and giving you a nice dewy glow and I love me some dewy glow at the min. 

Thanks to Theresa and Lucy for Letting me use their Pics and Thanks so much if you took the time to read this you are lovely and kind!
Lots of Love,
Lozzy xoxo

P.s Goodness Gracious I have such goodlooking friends don't I??
P.p.s I do really want these even more now!  

*Disclaimer- I am not affiliated with any of these companies, nor are these sponsored links, I just thought it might make it easier if you wanted to get them.

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