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First Ever Review!! -MUA (Make Up Academy) Nail Polish (With Pics and Swatches)

Hi all, So today's post is a review on MUA's £1 Nail polish range, That's right, don't let my name fool you (although I do love me some lippy), I will be reviewing all sorts of wonderful beauty items. The range seems to have had bit of an overhaul in recent weeks/months and they have all new packaging and a whole host of lovely colours but more on that in a second. Let me show you firstly which colours I tried. Disclaimer- I am using my mobile and an app for the photography, I also have a broken leg which means I can't get around to find great light. (boo hoo feel sorry for me!) 

The Bottles themselves:

Top- Clear Top Coat
L-R Pistachio Ice cream, Bright Coral, Amaretto Crush,

This is a swatch with 2 Coats with Their Top coat (in as best natural light as I could get):

On the Thumb we have "Pistachio Ice cream", On the Pointer we have "Bright Coral" and on the middle Finger "Amaretto Crush" 

Here are my thoughts....

Packaging: 9/10

I actually really liked the packaging, the polish comes in dinky little bottles, on their own with no faff and fuss of cardboard or plastic. It reminds me a lot of the Essie Nails packaging, I think that it is sleek and cute. The name, MUA, is embossed on the glass bottle itself which I think is really nice and actually adds a bit more of a high end look to a very inexpensive product. 

Colours and Colour Pay-off- 8.5/10

The colour as it shows in the  in the bottle is very similar, if not identical to how it shows on the nails. With one coat of the polish you can see the colour well. The colours in the range themselves are lovely, there are so many spring/summer shades as well as classics like a good red and a pretty nude. 

The colours I have chosen are perfect for spring (if it ever gets here)

"Pistachio Ice Cream"
Left- Without Flash
Right- With Flash

This is a gorgeous pale, creamy, pastel green shade. It is very true to it's name and is quite matte in finish. It looks good with either a matte top coat or a nice high shine top coat and would be great with a tan.

"Bright Coral"
                                                        L- With Flash, R- Without flash

Again, a very apt name. It is a nice vibrant pinky-coral (most like with with flash pic), it's almost like a Jelly on the nail in that it isn't fully opaque. It would be lovely on your toes in summer with flip flops.. on a beach... with a cocktail.... *Daydreams about cocktails on the beach*

"Amaretto Crush"
L-Without Flash R- With Flash

This is the coolest colour (in tone, not in like ooh this is so cool) of them all and probably most versatile shade; It would work in Spring, Summer or Autumn. It is a muted pink tone with undertones of something I can't quite put my finger on. It is a beautiful colour and I think the most unique of the bunch.

Application 7.5/10

The formula itself differed from polish to polish. All three were definately quite runny but not so runny that it seeped into my cuticles but I would like them just a little bit thicker.
 The Pistachio ice cream shade was almost chalky on the nail, two coats left it quite opaque but to ensure no visable nail I would definately recommend a third coat. The Bright Coral, as previously mentioned, was like a Jelly, a lovely sheen but not totally opaque. The Amaretto Crush shade was a normal cream nail polish, no shimmer, opaque in two coats and a nice sheen on the finish. 

The brush it comes with is a little hard to work with. The bottles are tiny so the brush obviously has to be small, the bristles seem to have a bit of a mind of their own as well. Because of this it's best to do small strokes of the brush onto the nail to get an even and tidy finish.

Drying 9/10

The polish dries pretty quickly and leaves you free to go about your business in about 5 minutes which is very handy for me because I have no patience to sit and dry which often results in nail disasters.

Wearing/Durability- 6/10

Last week I road tested the Pistachio Ice cream shade with just a base coat. I washed my hair and did some surfing online and there was definately chipping/flaking.

 I removed the polish, repainted and added a Sally Hansen topcoat (waiting on my 'Poshe' one to arrive ooohh) and the polish definately lasted about 3 days with very little damage until I got bored and wanted to paint my nails again. If you are in to paining your nails once a week (or less) then I would maybe go with a different, more durable (and probably more expensive) polish and topcoat, but this is fine for me as I change my nails almost daily at the minute.

Overall- 7/10

The range is quite extensive, there is good colour pay-off and you need 2-3 coats to get the right level of nail-coverdness (or opacity to sane people), it does wear and chip quite easily but with a good base and top coat, that would be minimised. It is great value for money (£1 for a little 6ml bottle), good as a base for nail art and I am definately going to purchase some more of the little lovelies for my ever growing collection.

You can Find MUA Online at: or 
You can also find it in Superdrug stores.

If you got to the end of this without falling asleep well done and thanks alot. Please leave me a comment on your thoughts and any suggestions for reviews in the future. Also tell me if you've tried this range and what colours I should get next!

Lots of Love and Kisses,

Lozzy xoxo

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