Saturday, 28 January 2017

Do You Have a Type? - Dating and Relationships

As you'll know, I've embarked on the world of online dating of late and one question I've been asked lately by both friends and potential dates is: What's your type?

I find this a really difficult question to answer and despite the opinion of some of my lovely friends (Thanks Scott!) it's not just a Penis and a Pulse!

I've been on a few first dates now(not a lot of seconds though) and I can honestly say I can't see a running theme. 

We had wickedly naughty Northern Irish guy, we had hipster graphic designer guy, we had tall bearded (I thought sweet but turns out not) guy and lately Hot gym-rat Iranian guy.

Is there such thing as a 'Type'?

I guess what all of these guys had in common were that none of them were right for me at all and I didn't really connect with them. 

Maybe having been in a relationship for so long, I'm just finding my 'type' or I've been focusing on looks too much gah!

Is 'Type' about looks or is it more than that?
I think my 'type' is to be found somewhere other than asthetic. I don't think I can properly fancy someone unless I can have a connection in some way with them.

I need a guy who can have a laugh, someone who can be silly and fun, cheeky but also respectful.
We'll see what the gods of tinder, pof and bumble come up with shall we?

Anyway that's my general musings for a Saturday morning. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on twitter (@lozzyloveslippy), do you have a type?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016... Good Riddance! Hello 2017!

So it's the first day of a brand new year and I, for one am so very very happy about this!

A lot of good things happened for me last year. I rekindled some long standing, amazing friendships and strengthened some newer ones, I had some fab nights out and experiences, I'm less anxious than I was in 2015 (still working on that), I lost a fair chunk of weight (and put some back on-oops!).

But overall it's been a year that has torn my life apart, made me question everything I believed, broken me at times and made me experience some of my lowest points in my life.

We all know 2016 has been a mad and sad year for the world as a whole but it's also kicked my arse personally.

I've posted about the loss of my Mammy before but this was truly the most terrifying, heart breaking thing I have ever experienced. 

Shortly after that, my relationship ended. A comfort and constant for 7 and a half years. Whilst I am now 100% sure that it was for the best, it was an unnerving, horrible experience accepting that and I spent 2 days in and out of panic attacks and crying.

But, with all the negatives come the silver linings. My mammy was a very strong, brave woman and I know I need to take some of that on and conquer 2017 my way.
As I mentioned before, I learned in 2016 who was really there for me, who I could rely on and who loved me and I thank all of you for that!

So what's in store for 2017? Well I am determined to make this year the year I don't let anxiety rule my decisions.
I've already started doing this and I will bloodywell continue it!
I have so much to look forward to this year and for the first time in years I am genuinely excited about the surprises and what is to come!

Happy new year to you all! I hope 2017 is a better one for the world and, for you reading this, I hope it brings you everything you want and need!
Lots and lots of love,

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Five Things You Shouldn't do on a First Date (From Experience)

Hi Folks,

As you may or may not know, I've been single now for a couple of months after a long term relationship and I've joined the crazy world of online dating!

This means that I actually have to go out and meet new guys, which fills me with more dread than you know! 
This usually leads to me partaking in a little 'dutch courage' and ending up slightly tipsy so this is where the majority of these stories have come from!

So here are some of the mistakes I have made so you don't have to- You are welcome!

1. Drinking on an empty stomach.

The first date I went on, I was so nervous that I ate nothing aside from a bag of crisps all day but decided it was a great idea to go for a large glass of wine (or two) before meeting the guy. 
This led to us staying in wetherspoons all evening (classy), progressively getting more drunk and him suggesting we go for a frisson in the loos (classy again). I politely declined, ended the night with a 6 inch hearty Italian in my gob (from Subway) and that was that!

2. Talk about how strong you are and demonstrate what a 'Squat' is.

Not that anyone in their right mind would do this but I bragged about being able to squat with a guy I know on my back (true story) and my date asked me what I meant. In skinny jeans and a rather thick coat (several glasses of pinot in), I proceeded to demonstrate and fell straight on my ass! Cue embarrassment, awkward laughter and me flailing about trying to get up!

3 Ignore your date when he tells you that you have lipstick on your face (post snog).

So I went in for the kill and had a little smooch, feeling safe wearing my trusty matte liquid lipstick. I didn't bother checking when my date told me I had lipstick on my face untill I walked the whole way through Leeds and went in to another bar to go to the loos. Finished my business and had a little look in the mirror, as you do. To my horror, the whole bottom half of my face was covered in lipstick, and when I say covered I mean COVERED. Needless to say I won't be seeing him again!

4. Go on an all dayer the night before and turn up completely dying with a hangover.

Rocking in at 3:30am after going out at 2:30pm is not big or clever by any standards (great night though!), let alone the day before you are meeting someone for the first time. I get God awful anxiety with a hangover, so going in to busy Leeds City Centre to meet a new guy, going for food you can't eat and not being able to drink alcohol without heaving doesn't set the best first impression!

5. Go unprepared about where you are going.

I have no idea what it is with guys and letting me chose where we go! I have no clue where to go on a date. Wetherspoons followed by Fibre is my usual night out in Leeds but I don't think that it's 'first date appropriate'. Wherever you decide to go, one thing is for sure, you should always be prepared.
On the above date I suggested meeting in the train station and going from there on a busy December Saturday afternoon. Que me storming through crowds, trying to figure out where to go, him looking lost and it being a good half hour before we even look at one another (all on a hangover might I just add). So if you want something chilled then book something or don't go on a busy Saturday afternoon!

So there you go, hope that's given you a giggle at least. Please tell me, in the comments, if you have some horrid date stories of your own- I can't be the only one!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Christmas Party Outfit Planning with Simply Be

Hi Folks!

Yes I know it's only November but the Party season has already begun with me so today's post is a little Christmas party inspiration for all my curvy ladies out there!

I was definitely struggling for inspiration myself so when Simply Be contacted me and asked if I wanted to feature some of their Party-wear I was pretty excited!

I shop with Simply Be all the time anyway so to feature a brand I already love was a no-brainer! They have a tonne of Party Dresses, tops etc to cater to lots of different tastes You can see them all here

The Dress

As mentioned above, I was spoilt for choice and, after much deliberation I chose this Black Lace Prom Dress.
I loved the full skirt and had already mentally put an outfit together with gold because I think black and gold is a great classic combination and I love a bit of glitz for the party season.

What I love about this dress is the fact that the top is plain and fitted and the skirt is a beautiful lace design and flowy so it shows off your shape but also flatters any tummy concerns you might have (If you are anything like me!).

I also loved the length of the skirt as it's classy and saves me getting too much of my legs out.

The Shoes

Simply Be have a fab selection of party heels (check them out here) and I was drooling over some of the higher heels but I knew that they would be a little bit too adventurous and I'd be limping and wincing within about 5 minutes.
So when I saw these pretty, glittery block heeled shoes I thought they looked like the perfect in-between; a little height, glitter but not spindly and frightfully painful looking (I really do have a way with words don't I!). 

These are actually quite comfortable, I'd probably still bring flats to change in to if I was on a night out and wanted to dance the night away, but I think they are pretty cool and really match the outfit beautifully.

The Outfit

I paired the dress and shoes with a glittery gold pashmina that I got from eBay for a couple of quid. The reason I did this was; mostly because I like to cover my arms and this does it without covering up too much of the dress in the way a jacket would, but also it ties in with the shoes and pulls it all together. I also added the chunky gold Primark necklace to dress it up- I do love a statement necklace.

Thanks to simply be for sending me this outfit, it's going to be great for the party season!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pouring my heart out- Dealing With the Loss of my Mother

Hi Folks,

I have not been on here in so long!

To tell you the truth, I fell out of love with blogging.
I am not the worlds greatest writer or photographer, I feel into the trap of not treating it as a hobby and feeling like I had to have a set schedule to get the readers and just really felt a lot of pressure, so I stopped.

That might change so keep an eye out!

I don't really know why I am doing it today other than that I've gone through a massive life event recently and I wanted to purge my thoughts so strap yourself in because it's a long one!!

If you follow me on twitter or snapchat or whatever, you will know that I lost my Mum two months ago.
It was and wasn't a shock, she had end stage COPD, nearly died last year, heart problems, diabetes and had been failing for a long time but somehow I had managed to fool myself, on some level, in to thinking that she was invincible.
Don't get me wrong, I knew that she wasn't right, I knew that she hadn't been right for a long time but getting the call to say that she might have hours left still shook me to the core.
I got the first available flight home and she died when I was in the air, I found out stood on my own in an airport- not the best of places but where is the best place to find out your Mum died?
I went straight to the hospital from the airport and when I saw her laying there, I cried but it still didn't fully sink in.

Over the years me and mammy had an up and down relationship. Mammy had her issues, I had my issues but one thing remained the same- we both loved each other and we both knew that.

When she died I cried, of course I did but I didn't have much time to dwell on it. I had the whole Irish Catholic wake and funeral Circus to deal with.
For the 3 days before the funeral we had people in the house from 11am to midnight, all needing fed and watered and talked to. Thank God for my Siblings and my Cousins or I would probably have flipped and killed someone (bit dramatic but you get the picture).

There is a certain expectation on a mourning family, in fact one particular family member basically told me off for crying as 'I was doing so well' and one stopped me from having some down time with my nieces and nephew because 'people wanted to talk to me'.
All I wanted to do was scream and tell them all to f**k off but being a reasonably polite and sane person I sucked it up and got on with it.
It was sort of good, it helped me take my mind off the Mammy wasn't going to come back and that my life would inevitably change forever.

On the Sunday, the funeral happened and the next day I came back to leeds and had to go straight in to moving house. I was numb, I had managed to rationalise things in my head and after a week off work I attempted to go back.

I was in one day and I couldn't deal with people so I took another week off. I busied myself and told myself I needed to be ok so the following week I went back to work and, for the most part, I was ok.
I was telling people about all the funny things that happened and was able to talk like it was someone else's story that I observed, that it wasn't me in the middle of it all.

It's now that it seems to all be hitting me. Over the past few days I've been feeling really crappy. I have cried more than normal (and I cry a fair bit anyway), I'm losing interest in things and just have had this feeling of being lost and a wee bit hopeless.
I know it's normal but I keep telling myself that I should be OK by now. I guess I'm hoping getting it out on this post will be cathartic and help me deal with it all.

My friends tell me that Mammy is looking down on me, or that's she is up there with various loved ones we have lost, but I really can't bring myself to think like that at the minute, I'm not sure what I believe in anymore.

I know this has been a bit of a depressing post but I just needed to get it out and hopefully, if someone else is going through the same thing then they'll read this and know that they aren't alone.  I'm so lucky to have my boyfriend, great friends and family to get me through this but not everyone is that lucky.
I don't want sympathy and am certainly not doing this post for attention.

I hope my next post will be a bit more upbeat and maybe I'll tell you the funny stories that got my mind through the dark times and we'll all have a good old chuckle.

In the meantime, if this has struck a chord with you then let me know in the comments, on snapchat 'lauraq88' or on twitter '@lauraq88' remember that you aren't alone.

Sleep tight Mammy, love you! xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Weightloss Wednesday- Feeling Positive

Well folks, it's been a wee while!

I had a couple of weeks off work on holiday and I really enjoyed it. I ate and drank what I wanted and, at the end, I put on 4lb

I actually really think that this was good for my motivation and, in turn, my weightloss because straight away, I was back on to counting points with more enthusiasm and drive than before and ended up losing the 4lb the very next week.

I was not, however, looking forward to yesterday's weigh in. Saturday night brought Pizza and Prosecco and I was less than frugal with my points.
But low and behold, I lost 1lb.

That Brings me to -3.5 stone  or -49lb of you are that way inclined!

Me- November to Now

I was so chuffed with myself yesterday and it once again spurred me on to continue!

I know I keep saying it but, little slip ups and breaks are OK as long as you get back on after!

This is the most amount of weight I've ever lost and the thinnest I've been in years (still a way to go but getting there!). I fully attribute it to my head Space and my ability to get over it and forgive my little foodie transgressions.

So I'm going to leave you with my food of the week.

This week is the DDC Rocky Rice Bars.

They are basically Puffed Rice, covered in chocolate and at 4 Smart Points and 95cals they are honestly fab at curbing the Chocolate craving and quite filling too!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Weightloss..... Thursday!

Hi Folks!

Been a wee bit slack this past week with blogposts and missed last week's weight loss Wednesday post so I thought I'd do a quick update.

So, I've been off work on holiday for about 10 days and decided not to track. I have eaten so much crap, so was dreading stepping on the scales on Tuesday.

But low and behold I had lost 2.75lb taking me to -3stone 5lb.

It just goes to show that it does catch up.
I am still being naughty though, I'm currently back home and have eaten out for every meal so I do anticipate a gain next Tuesday.

I just wanted to share a wee Non -Scale Victory with you.

I was so anxious to fly on Tuesday. Flybe planes are not the most forgiving for the larger frame. I got on the flight and honestly, I was so much more comfortable than I have been in so long. Long story short, my arse actually fit in the seat Haha!
This has really given me a boost for next time I fly alone and will help with my anxiety about it!

I hope you are enjoying this wee spell of sunshine. I certainly am!